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For some of us Christmas is over. For my family we have one more side of the family to go to after the new year. This year was a particularly fun Christmas season. My mom and sister stayed with us for almost a week. Our pantry and refrigerator looked like Bilbo Baggins’ did in the first Hobbit movie – before the dwarves ransacked it. We played a lot of board and card games. And what’s a good game night without a lot of banter back and forth? We had a lot of that too.  It was a good Christmas.

Today I thought I’d reflect on some reading I did. A while back I flipped through the rest of the New Testament  looking for scripture celebrating Christ’s birth.  Did you know that when you look at how early Christians celebrated Christmas in the early church you find…. nothing?

God put in His Word what he wanted us to focus on. Does it ever seem to you that us modern Christians make a proverbial golden cow out of the holiday? A pastor friend of mine said, “[Jesus] calls us to live in his resurrection (Easter) but our culture is consumed with his birth.” Baby Jesus grew up and moved on from His nativity scene to his ministry and Kingdom. Could that be an example for us to follow?

We have a whole year until the next Christmas (unless you count that Christmas ramps up in October).  I’d like to be more focused on Jesus during all of that time, than I have in the last few weeks.

That said, I hope each one of you had a great holiday season. Blessings to you this coming new year and may God draw you closer to him in 2014.


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