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Is the Bible for real?

A lot of what I’m going to be putting on this blog will be referring to Bible passages, or thoughtsapologetics1-full and ideas from the Bible. Lately there seems to be a lot of doubt concerning the Bible. Was it written by men or God? Did men manipulate it over time? How can a book that claims the earth is about 10,000 years old agree with modern science that says the earth is millions of years old? There are whole books that address some of those questions. Even so, scholars can’t agree on which of those books are even right.

Few people would doubt that Homer or Plato really wrote the works credited to them. The Bible is far more authenticated. In other words, there are more historical documents and original documents that are consistent. More than any other religious or ancient book! If someone’s going to argue against the Bible being authentic, they’re going to have to doubt the authenticity of all other ancient works.

Some passages of the Bible, which critics once claimed were myth, have now been confirmed archeologically. For example:

  •     Secular archaeologists once thought the five cities of the plain described in Genesis 14:2 were  mythical. Now documents have been found that list these cities as part of ancient trade routes.
  •     The excavation of Jericho reveals that the walls did fall as described in the book of Joshua.

A few passages in the Bible predict future events in  detail. These are future events to the writers that have since occurred. Around 536-539 BCE, Daniel wrote a prophecy that predicted the next three world empires and their falls: Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires. If the Bible weren’t inspired by God, how could the human writers in know about these later empires?

While the Bible isn’t written as a science book, it mentions scientific principles and facts that go beyond what was known to people back then. It’s has been historically and archaeologically proven that the following books were written:
Genesis – 1445-1405 BCE
2 Samuel – late 900s BCE
Psalm – late 900s BCE
Proverbs – 970-700 BCE
Ecclesiastes – 935 BCE
Isaiah – 700-680 BCE
Jeremiah – 585-580 BCE
Jonah – 760 BCE
1 Corinthians – 55-56 CE
Job – The event of Job occurred around 2000 BCE but may not have been recorded until 583-538 BCE.

This page has this to say:

“The truth of the Bible is obvious to anyone willing to fairly investigate it. The Bible is uniquely self-consistent and extraordinarily authentic. It has changed the lives of millions of people who have placed their faith in Christ. It has been confirmed countless times by archaeology and other sciences. It possesses divine insight into the nature of the universe and has made correct predictions about distant future events with perfect accuracy.”

Next post we’re going to look at some scientific principles and compare them to what the Bible says about it.


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