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Overwhelmed with Vision

With everythmission&visioning that’s been going on at church, stuff I’ve been watching, stuff I’ve read, and stuff I’ve seen, I think “overwhelmed” is a good description of my head lately. And it’s a good overwhelmed.

God’s brought me through a lot, especially in the last couple of years. Now that I have some major issues no longer entangling me, I feel like I can run. Run towards what I’ve been called to do. Run further away from those entanglements. Run towards things I see that need to be done.

Between helping with Disciple Now at my church (which focused on apologetics) and stuff I saw about the Ken Ham – Bill Nye debate (no I didn’t watch it but I did watch this) I saw a need.  The upcoming generations need to know how to give a well-reasoned answer and defense to why they believe what they do.

I recently read two great books (here and here) that all speak about purity and teaching children the way they should go in regards to purity. One of them also addressed how the church has been lacking in teaching an important marital issue. There are needs that need to be addressed in the church. The controversy surrounding Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and the Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial added to my sense of urgency.

All of these have also helped me focus on what I need to be addressing here on Freedom.Truth.Marriage. Also, they’re helping me know where I may need to focus when I go back to school for my graduate degree.

I’d like to share these ideas with you. I share them, asking for your prayers on 1) if they are God’s will, and 2) if so, me being sensitive to knowing how He wants them executed.

  • Teaching scientific and creationist apologetics in our home school co-op classes.
  • Continued work with Freedom.Truth.Marriage.
  • A marriage book for men I’m slowly cobbling together.
  • Which graduate program to enter into, and God’s provision for funding it.
  • Opening up my full testimony for these purposes.
  • Ministry to children who’ve lost one or more parent tragically.
  • Starting a local freedom ministry where people can come to learn about freedom from habits, addictions, problems; receiving healing in those areas; so they’ll be able to run with freedom as well.

Thank you to all of you who read this and have provided support and encouragement. It’s felt and appreciated.


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