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“They’re my rock”

Crumbled RockI’ve heard people say “so-and-so is my rock” all my life. Lately it has made me think about what they meant. I looked it up on an online slang dictionary and it said the “rock” is someone who’s supportive to a person or helped them through a difficult time.

It reminds me of that Bible story about the house built on the rock and the house built on the sand. What happened to the house not built on the rock? It fell. Yet so often when I’ve heard people say this, they’re talking about another person. People who are made up of dirt (sand) and will return to being dirt (sand). The house built on the real rock, Jesus, stood through the storm.

What’s wrong with another human being – mom, dad, preacher – being a rock for someone? They die. They move away. They falter. They make mistakes. They fall.

Maybe I’ve been let down by people too much. Perhaps that’s why I can’t understand why someone would want to make “their rock” another person. Especially when I hear other believers say this. What kind of personal relationship do they have with God their Creator that they see it better to trust in another person, rather than the all-powerful source of love?

There’s only one person I know I can talk to and hear back from knowing that He’s not going to lead me astray, make mistakes, or leave me. The character of God is one of a friend, counselor, and one who walks beside us. This isn’t idealistic or out of reach. It’s Biblical truth.

Psalms 146:3-5 “Do not trust in nobles, in man, who cannot save. When his breath leaves him, he returns to the ground; on that day his plans die. Happy is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God,”

Truth takeaway: No person can ever function as our “rock.” There’s only one Rock. If it seems strange to call on God to be a Rock, I encourage anyone to try. He’ll be there when all the dirt-rocks have crumbled away.

Who is your “rock” and why?

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