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Idolatry in America – Do we hold up our end of the deal?

In my intro post I suggested that maybe 2 Chronicles 7:14 may not be applicable to the United States in the context we often think it is. But let’s suppose it is. How have we been holding up our end of the promises in 2 Chronicles?

“If my people, which are called by my name…” – That’s born-again believers who have salvation only in Jesus Christ and are called to follow him. Who “my people” are not are nominal Christians or unbelieving American citizens who identify their faith with their national citizenship.

“…Shall humble themselves…” – Are we humble? Or are we proud? We hear “Proud to be American;” “Proud to be a ‘Christian’ nation.” We have a reputation for arrogance by most of the world. We’re quick to say “This is the best country in the world.” The Bible says a lot of things about pride – none of them positive. Jesus said over and over again in different ways, that the first on this earth will be last in the Kingdom. “Humble” is defined by Websters as “not proud or arrogant; having a feeling of insignificance, inferiority, subservience.” Does this definition describe Christians’ perception of America?

“…and pray…” – What do we pray for? Our nation’s success or God’s will? Are we more about the uplifting and furthering of America? Or are we more concerned about furthering the Kingdom of Christ? Do our prayers focus more on the other party losing elections or on their salvation? What does God want us to pray for? What we want for America or what he wants for his Kingdom?

“…seek my face…” – Basically this is seeking after God and putting His will before everything else. God before country. God before sports. God before political affiliation. God before our ambitions. God before hobbies.

“…and turn from their wicked ways;” – What does God consider wicked? Idolatry is wickedness to him. I’ll come back to this idea later.

What is God’s response to these actions? 1) He’ll hear us. 2) He’ll forgive us from our sins. Third, and last, is He will heal our land. I find it interesting that healing our land is the last thing God will do, as if it’s the lesser of His three actions. Which one do we consider most important? Healing our land or forgiving our sins?

Stay tuned next time as we continue to look into this.


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