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Stopping to Re-Crew

W198336_10152272374215006_177255559_nhen a train goes across country, every now and then it changes crews. A fresh crew gets on and drives the train another several hundred miles. After 12 hours the crew gets government mandated rest. This way they’re fresh and rested before operating another train.

In a mens’ study our church did one of the questions it asked us to look at pertained to belief. One night the session brought up these: We often know something and then convince ourselves that we believe it. We may know something is true but our belief is what we act – what we live on. Many Christians cover the lies we believe with the knowledge we have acquired in church. With that, they say, it’s not possible to live contrary to what I believe. It is possible to live contrary to what I think I believe.

So my question to me (and you) is this: What do I really believe? About God. About his moral standards. About marriage. About…anything.

After a few weeks of digging deep for my own answers I’ve come to the conclusion. I need to keep digging. It’s time for me to step off the train and get some mandated rest. And get some answers.

I have a few more posts I’ve written that I’ll put up so they’ll publish. Once those are done this blog will be on hiatus for awhile.

Thank you for your understanding.


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