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40 years….

Today I turned 40. I don’t feel 40. I still feel about 30ish. A lot of people who don’t know my age have commented that I look like I’m in my lower 30s. I can go with that LOL.

I think what hits me more are these events of 2017:
1) My wife and I will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first date.
2) I’ll officially have a teenager.
3) 10 years with FWFD – I’m not one of the younger, new guys anymore. Though not an officer, I’m a senior FF and I realize need to reflect that.

I heard a guy reflecting on his turning 50 say something to the effect of: I could sit back and coast on my faith, my accomplishments at this point. But I don’t want to. I want to do the remainder of my life to my best ability: love more, work tirelessly, and earn my sleep at the end of each day.

Me too. The past shaped a lot of me. How I medicated it shaped me even more as a young adult. The future has yet to be shaped.

The first 40 were riddled with hell (the last 20 of that being largely self-imposed). The last half of my life may be riddled with hell. But I pray that by now I’ve learn to handle life’s events with humility and grace. And no more self-imposed trauma.

Obstacle Course Racing has put in me better physical shape than I ever have been – ever!! In fact, I’m going to celebrate that today by doing something I’ve never done: I’m going to wear the last years worth of race medals all day. I mean, I’ve never been athletic to save my life, until now. So if you see photos of me and I look like Mr. T, that’s why.

Even 7 years ago I wasn’t sure what this milestone in my life would look like. Would I still be here? Would my life be worse or better? My marriage? My relationship with my kids?

It’s better than I could’ve imagined. And without my family it wouldn’t have been possible. Without the intervention of the Holy Spirit (who is still very much living, speaking, and active in these days) it would certainly have been impossible.

All the men in my family who’ve lived to be old have made it to 75+. I’m halfway there. The family and I decided to celebrate today and tomorrow (hey it takes 2 full days to watch all of The Hobbit and LOTR movies). Come Thursday, it’s time to get to work.

Time’s almost up.
Live excellent.
Earn your nights rest.


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One thought on “40 years….

  1. Randy Stonehill has a great song called Turning Thirthy, you can replace thirthy if you like with 40…Congratulations.

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