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Let’s see…..

….if I can figure out how to do this.

After deep conversations with various friends and family over the years, a common thing I’ve been told is, “You need to write a blog!”¬† I’ve been reluctant. While I have things to say I sometimes feel like not everyone else wants/needs to hear my ramblings. Another reason is that our society is full of commentating all the time! I didn’t want to add to the clamor. But after the last year and a half of life events, encouragement from people whose opinions I admire and respect, and a Spiritual leading it’s time to give it a shot.

Rather than come up with a clever, witty title¬† I just named it after 3 subjects I often find myself reading about and commenting on on others’ blogs and pages. Freedom, truth, and marriage.

When I say “freedom” I’m talking about the freedom to be who God has made us to be. The freedom to break away from bad habits, bad thought patterns, emotional baggage, wounds, and weaknesses.

Marriage is becoming a byword for miserable, tied down, and broke. Because there’s so many marriage blogs out there I’ll probably do more time linking to good articles rather than cobbling my own.

Without truth the other two aren’t possible. Truth is required to have a strong, stable, and happy marriage. Truth is what sets us free. The love of truth, particularly in the Christian community, is becoming more rare.

This blog is only my convictions and opinions. Take what you will. Disagree if you like. Tell me what you think. …And hopefully I’ll remember to come on here and update enough to keep it interesting.


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